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This section is meant to facilitate the sharing of information among partners as far as the dissemination events carried out are concerned. A description of the event, the number of people participating and the evaluation of the event are available for each dissemination event.

Partners' Institution:

University of Florence

Name of the person involved in the event:

Chiara Carletti

Date of the event:

30 September 2022 - 30 September 2022

Type of Dissemination event:

Blog post

Target group:

General Public
Public Bodies
Training Agencies

Number of people reached by event:


Held in:


Description of Dissemination Event:

The project has been posted on the personal website of Dr Chiara Carletti, which has an average of 250 visits per month.

Outcomes and Results:

The project is potentially accessible and visible to a very large audience, which according to Google Analytics data follows the page.

Supporting Documents: