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This section is meant to facilitate the sharing of information among partners as far as the dissemination events carried out are concerned. A description of the event, the number of people participating and the evaluation of the event are available for each dissemination event.

Partners' Institution:

University Pablo de Olavide

Name of the person involved in the event:

Rosa María Díaz Jiménez, Fernando Relinque Medina, Antonio Iáñez Domínguez, Antonia Corona Aguilar, Lola Yerga

Date of the event:

13 September 2022 - 13 September 2022

Type of Dissemination event:

National Meeting

Target group:


Number of people reached by event:


Held in:

Seville (SPAIN)

Description of Dissemination Event:

In this working meeting, the UPO team worked on the finalisation of the second round of consultations with experts in the framework of the Delphi carried out in IO1. The status of the analysis of the IO1 focus groups was also reported and a working draft of the Digital Handbook was prepared to serve as a guide for the transnational meeting next October in Ireland.

Outcomes and Results:


Module 3: Research, will be based on the initial model proposed by the experts (doc PK1.L) and the results of the FG (doc PK1.K).

This module is distributed in three chapters as follows:

Production: Lola Yerga
Dissemination: Fernando Relinque
Transfer: Antonia Corona
Subsequently Beatriz will be in charge of the translation of the materials and Antonio and Rosa will adapt it to the profile of the course for teachers, specifically.

We have until the end of November to deliver the chapters. For the creation of the chapters we are based on PK1.L, where the whole model is.


Until Friday next week to send to RDJ the elaboration of abstract (about 200 words) and 3-4 categories on:

Normative (Fernando Relinque)
Scholarships and support
Training (Antonio Iañez)
Adaptation of study plans (Antonio Iañez)
University coexistence (Antonia Corona)
International university mode (Beatriz Macias)
Orientation and labour inclusion (Lola Yerga)
Disability Observatory (Lola and Rosa)
Disability in science, technology and innovation (Lola and Rosa)
Gender equality and support networks (Beatriz Macias)

Supporting Documents: