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Work in progress

This section allows a constant communication and sharing of information among the project partners as far as the activities for the different intellectual outputs are concerned. Each project partner upload this section of a three months basis.

Partners' Institution:

Universal Learning System

Project's period (from/to):

01 February 2022 - 30 September 2022

Activity concerned:

PM - Project Management

Objectives of activities carried out:

To meet requirements of allocated tasks.

Description of activities carried out:

Creating list of links and resources for conduct of the tasks
Establishing links with potential actors/partners in the Irish context
Creating group to conduct Delphi Research
Carrying out R1 of Delphi Research
Meetings with various actors in Ireland to discuss possible liaisons.
Seeking partners to participate in Focus Groups.
Updating/completing documents on IHES website re dissemination
Exploring options, preparation and organising of venue for Partners' meeting in Ireland
Commencing research into work in this area in other countries
Compiling comments as response to the initial drafts for the OTP as part of PR1, alternative to focus group.
Ongoing meetings and discussions supporting the project.

Results Achieved:

First round of Delphi research completed.
Links established with small number of relevant actors in Ireland
Gathering of useful research documents
Completion of response for PR1> comments on UPO document.
Meetings conducted with various actors.
Partners' Project meeting preparations made.